Cathy Greenblat - PHOTOGRAPHY


    September 2000, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
         “A Relative of the King Has Died…: Kumasi, Ghana", African Studies
        Department, Rutgers University

    June 2002 -  Maastricht, Netherlands
            European Alzheimer’s Association, “The Power of Music in Alzheimer’s

    October – November 2002, Nice, France
            “Keeping the Connection: Alive with Alzheimer’s” [Bien vivant avec la
            maladie d'Alzheimer], FNAC  Photography Gallery

   August 2003, Chiba, Japan
            "The Forgotten and the Forgetting: Two Views of Old Age"
            20 photographs, Kazusa Academia  Park

   February 2004 - Baltimore, Maryland
            American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry: "RX for Alzheimer's Care: 
            Touch and Music" 

    September 2004, Munich, Germany
            “Alive with Alzheimer's" Gasteig Cultural Center. Sponsored by the
             Munich Alzheimer's Association, SAGSAGA, and Janssen-Cilag.

    October 2004, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
            "Bien vivant avec la maladie d'Alzheimer", Citadelle of Villefranche.    
            Invited by the Villefranche  commission on the semaine bleue (national
            week in honor of the elderly and the retired).

     October 2004 Kyoto, Japan
             Alzheimer’s Disease International: "Alive with Alzheimer's"
      November 2004 – indefinite, Virtual gallery at
            Under virtual galleries is a set of 28 images from Alive with Alzheimer’s, 
            with a brief text in English,  French, and Spanish, captions in French only.

     December 2004, Cardiff, Wales
            “Alive with Alzheimer’s”. Sponsored by the Council of Europe Research
            Committee on Dignity and Older Europeans.

    January-February 2005, Speicher, Germany
            "Alive with Alzheimer's", sponsored by Caritas International.

    September 2005 Stockholm, Sweden
             International Psychogeriatric Association: “Rx for Dementia: Touch,
            Music, Dignity”
     September 25 -November  21, 2005 New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
            “Long Term Care for the Dependent Elderly: Lessons from Mexico,
            California, and Japan” , Johnson and Johnson World Headquarters

    November 26, 2005 – February 28, 2006  Titusville, New Jersey, USA
            “Long Term Care for the Dependent Elderly: Lessons from Mexico,
            California, and Japan”,  Janssen- Cilag Headquarters

     January 2006 – December 2008  Three year traveling exhibition of 28
            photographs from Alzheimers  und Liebensqualitât, throughout Germany,
            sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association of Munich.

    January 20 – March 10,  2007  Exhibition at the Bernstein Gallery, Woodrow  
            Wilson School, Princeton University. “Long Term Care for the Dependent
            Elderly: Lessons from Mexico, California,  and Japan”

    June 25 – July 15, 2007    “Forgotten but Remembering”, Southern Light
            Gallery, Amarillo, Texas

October 14-18, 2007  Osaka, Japan - International Psychogeriatric Association 


   December 2007 - "Alive with Alzheimer's"  Francophone Congres sur la Maladie

            d'Alzheimer, Nice, France

    October 2008– indefinite    Permanent Gallery, “Mémoire en face à face”, Cimiez Hospital,
                Alzheimer’s Service, Nice, France

    October - November 2008  "La vie .... jusqu'au bout" (Life until the end)    Mediatheque de Nice,
                Gallerie Thiole, Nice, France

  March - June 2009    New Brunswick, NJ, USA.  "Alive to the end of life", (in conjunction with an                             exhibit of  photographs by Ernestine Ruben in the adjacent gallery) sponsored by the
                Institute for Women and Art, Rutgers University.  Douglass  College Art Gallery.

  May- July 2009 - "Accompanying Alzheimer's: Loss, Love and Laughter",  The Light House
  Wolverhampton, UK


  May 2009   "Alive to the End of Life", Vienna, Austria, European Association for Palliative

  September 2009 - March 2010  Traveling exhibit "Living with Alzheimer's", 8 cities in India including
              Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Goa, plus conference settings. Multiple venues in each city.

  September 2009 -  "La vie .... jusqu'au bout" (Life until the end),  Monte Carlo, Monaco, Gallery of the
             Theatre Princesse Grace

  March - May 2010  "Alive to the End of Life",  FotoFest 2010 invited exhibit,  University of Texas
             Medical School, Houston, TX, USA

  March - August 2010  "Love, Loss and Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer's Differently"  National
             Academy of Sciences Keck Gallery, Washington, DC                 

 September - October 2010  "A Nice, les musées nous accueillent..."  Bibliotheque Nucera, sponsored
             by the Conseil Municipal de Nice

    Spring 2011   "Love, Loss and Laughter:  Seeing Alzheimer's Differently", Glasgow Caledonian

      November 2004,  Paris, France                
            Six photos with the theme “Faith among the Forgotten”. Photobis 2004,
            Espace Saint Martin

      April 2007   United Hospitals, Chardon, Ohio,  “Quality Care for Dementia”, 15
            photographs in Art from the Heart Monthlong Exhibit

     March - September 2009   Houston, TX   "Healing Journey: Animal Guides"
    September 2010 - Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles "A Long Hello" (35
            images) one of 30 slide shows invited to accompany the Photography of the Year
            International prize winners exhibit

    Online exhibits at
            • Two photographs in “Decisive Moments: A Tribute to Henri
            Cartier-Bresson, sponsored by Women in Photography International (first prize
            and honorable mention)

           • One photograph online at “Beauty: Documentary Photography”
            competition, sponsored by Women in Photography International

            • Three photographs online at “Turning Silver: Black and White
            Photography” competition, sponsored by Women in Photography
            International and in limited edition book by Kodak

          • Two photographs online at “Portraits” competition, sponsored by Women  

           in Photography  International

          • Three honorable mentions in "Faces" competition, sponsored by Women
           in Photography International